tak boley lupakan kaw !!

tak hiran lahh !! :(

hey kaw !! kaw igt aku tkowt kerw nan bpak kaw ,, lw kaw na buad rport at polis g lahh buad . d alu2 kn sgt ,, kaw jgn igt aku n buddies aku tkowt nan kaw . haha !! skit pow x lahh . lw kaw ley rport ,, aku pow bley lahh ,, haha!! kaw tuh da lahh pencuri , pembohong !! aku hate kaw sgt2 !! aku hate kaw SUHANA ROSLAH !! wait2,, aku dgr kaw na tkar sek eax ?? hah bgoz lahh tuh . aku n buddies aku ske n hapy sgt . so x derw da org bli kaw kn .

x derw m00d = ='

suda terbongkar segalanya !!

bwu aku tw spe kaw sbnarny ,, x gne pnye jntan !! kaw igt aku x tw kaw buad 2 fb ,, blah lahh !! xperw2 aku igt apw ygt kaw wt at aku . smpay blerw2 pow aku still igt tw x !!

puasa+baju baru=RAYA !!

haha ,, hyep u all!! da ble bju rye lom nie hah ?? haha :)) skunk nie da 23 ary kite brpuasa di blan rmadhan . rse mcm skjap jerw puase thun nie kn ?? hah ckp psl raye nie ,, aku rse raya thun nie mcm x ade erti!! ye lahh ,, da hp aku ilang ,, bf ilang  n semua lahh ilng :'( papw na buad cm anw kn . da trjdi haha !! xD

mood x menentu !! :))

hey kaw !! nape kaw buad MOOD aku x mnentu hah ?? aku rindu kat kaw tw x ??!! aku pow x tw nape kaw rindu kat kaw ,, myb coz lme x jmp kowt HAHA :) haishh ,, pkran x keruan lahh !! adakh nie di nmekn aku cinta kn kaw blek ?? oh , TIDAK !! aku x na cinta kn kaw coz kaw buad aku sediy,hampa dan skit aty tw x ! tp nape hati nie salu sbut nme kaw ? btw, aku rndu at kaw sgt-2 tpy ak x ley rindu at kaw lahh !! adakh ego aku trlalu besar ? arh !! jujor aku ckap aku x prlu kn kaw lahh ! xpy aku susa na lpekn kaw ,, syuh-3 nyah kaw dri hati aku ini !!

n one more thing i HATE so much ,, DAMN SHITT !!

Promise To Be There by wHO care!!!

We’ll always make it you and me
We’ll always swim the deepest sea
But If I ask you, do you care
Will you promise to be there?

If we try to please them all
It won’t be long until we fall
Let’s hear your vows to always share
And hear you promise to be there

If we have two dreams and counting
We will climb the highest mountain
Our heart strings, they will never tear
So please just promise to be there

When the time comes for our love
To travel the world. to the stars above
Even when your asking where

My pen creates a beautiful poem.
A heartfelt happy place for us to be.
Where no one will judge the choices we make.
A place to behold wonder at last.
Sweet waves of love wash over me.
Showing the world what we share.
Touching you the only way I know how.
With words I hope you hold dear.
Inspiration with promises to keep.
Never alone we never should feel.
We are connected with our hearts.
Those two stars that collided in midair.
Shines bright so everyone can see.
You are my shining light.
The reason my dark world sees hope.

Dear Love,
My days and especially my nights
are so empty without you! Waking
up to the softness of your skin against
mine, your hair gently brushing my
cheek. I can feel you breathing as if
you were a part of my own body.
Looking at you as you dream.
Gently "waking" you to the soft
caresses of my hands. Your body
yielding to me. I hope you come
and see me soon. I can't stand
another minute without you...

i miss you so much !!